CCP Working Papers

To support our casework in mergers, conduct, procurement and advertising, the CCP undertakes studies to improve our understanding of how patient choice, cooperation and competition work in the NHS.

The CCP Working Paper series has been established to provide a means of publishing this work so that others with an interest in these issues can also benefit from this work.

Papers published as part the CCP Working Paper series do not represent the official view of the CCP. Rather, they are intended to inform the CCP as it makes its assessment of individual cases, and to serve as a starting point for discussions between the CCP and others when considering issues such as the effects on patients and taxpayers of mergers, conduct, procurement and advertising.

We welcome external contributions to our working paper series. If your research falls into an area related to the CCP's work and would like to contribute to our working paper series, please contact us at

Department of Health NHS Monitor