Founding Documents

Our Memorandum of Understanding, Terms of Reference and Final draft Rules of Procedure set out the support that the Department of Health and Monitor will provide to the CCP, the responsibilities of the CCP and the arrangements for oversight of the CCP while preserving its independence in decision making.

Memorandum of Understanding [1.5 MB]

Terms of Reference[21kb]

Final draft Rules of Procedure[117kb]

Our Corporate Documents

These documents provide details of the CCP's function and remit.

CCP Progress Report [567kb]

Guide to the CCP [2 MB]

Business Plan[278kb]

Travel, Allowances and Pay Policies

This will be updated shortly

Procurement and Tendering

There are no contracts above 25,000 currently being tendered

Lists of contracts awarded above £25,000[126kb]


This will be updated shortly


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August 2010 [77kb]

September 2010 [77kb]

October 2010 [75kb]

December 2010 [73kb]


January 2011 [69kb]

February 2011 [71kb]

March 2011 [76kb]

April 2011 [71kb]

May 2011 [71kb]

June 2011 [79kb]

July 2011 [80kb]

September 2011 [28kb]

October 2011 [82kb]

November 2011 [77kb]

December 2011 [52kb]


January 2012 [72kb]

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