Consultation on guidelines

The Cooperation and Competition Panel's (CCP) guidelines set out how the CCP exercises its responsibilities under the Principles and Rules for Cooperation and Competition (Principles and Rules).

In 2009 the CCP undertook a three month consultation on its interim draft guidelines. The CCP initially intended to publish a revised set of guidelines in autumn 2009, following the consultation. This was postponed at the request of the Department of Health in order that any changes arising from its review of the PCT Procurement Guide and Principles and Rules could be taken into account.

Following the publication of the Procurement Guide for Commissioners of NHS-funded Services and the revised Principles and Rules on the 30 July 2010, the CCP made appropriate changes to its guidelines. The responses to the initial consultation have, where appropriate, also been reflected in the new guidelines and further comments were sought on the revised drafting in September/October 2010. Published below are the CCP’s responses to comments received through the consultation process. Please note, references to the Principles and Rules contained therein relate to the version of the Principles and Rules published in 2007.

General Questions – response to consultation [477kb]

Merger Guidelines – response to consultation [606kb]

Conduct Guidelines – response to consultation [562kb]

Procurement Dispute Appeals Guidelines – response to consultation [520kb]

Advertising and Misleading Information Guidelines – response to consultation [527kb]

Principles and Rules (2007) [326kb]

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