Merger of Bexley Care Trust with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and South London Healthcare Trust

Bexley Care Trust is proposing to transfer its adult community health services and universal children's community health services to Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and transfer its specialist children's community health services with South London Healthcare NHS Trust.*

Consistent with its draft interim merger guidelines, the CCP will examine the costs and benefits to patients and taxpayers of the proposed transfers, in order to ascertain whether they are consistent with Principles 9 and 10 of the Principles and Rules of Cooperation and Competition

In doing so, the CCP will consider the effect of the transfers on patient choice and competition for community or secondary health services in Bexley, South East London or a wider area.

The CCP would welcome submissions in writing from interested individuals and organisations on this issue or on any other matter relevant to the CCP's assessment of this transaction under the Principles and Rules for Cooperation and Competition. To submit evidence please email

The closing date for submissions is 24 December 2009.

*The CCP is currently considering these two mergers together but may report separately on each transaction if necessary.

Administrative timetable

Event Date
CCP publishes Notice of Acceptance 10 December 2009
Closing date for Phase 1 submissions 24 December 2009
Deadline for completion of Phase 1 ** 9 February 2010
Deadline for completion of Phase 2 (if required)*** 7 June 2010

* At the end of Phase 1, the CCP will either:

  • recommend that the merger be allowed to proceed, or
  • recommend that the merger be allowed to proceed subject to measures agreed with the parties that address concerns identified by the CCP during Phase 1, or
  • proceed to a more detailed Phase 2 investigation.

** Phase 2 allows the CCP to conduct a more in-depth investigation where this is required to fully assess a merger.

NB. This timetable will be updated as required during the course of the inquiry.

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