Our relationships with other regulatory agencies

The CCP works with a number of other regulatory agencies to help ensure effective co-operation and competition in the healthcare sector.

  • Advertising Standards Authority logo

    Advertising Standards Authority

    The Advertising Standards Authority is the independent body set up by the advertising industry to police the rules laid down in the advertising codes.

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  • Office of Fair Trading logo

    Office of Fair Trading

    The OFT is responsible for making markets work well for consumers. It promotes and protects consumers' interests throughout the UK, and ensures that businesses are fair and competitive.

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    Working arrangements between the OFT and the CCP [75 KB]

  • Care Quality Commission logo

    Care Quality Commission

    The Care Quality Commission was established by the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to regulate the quality of health and social care and look after the interests of people detained under the Mental Health Act. It will bring together the work of the Commission for Social Care Inspection, the Healthcare Commission and the Mental Health Act Commission.

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  • Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence logo

    Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

    The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence is an independent body accountable to Parliament. Its primary purpose is to promote the health, safety and well-being of patients and other members of the public. It scrutinises and oversees the health professions regulators, working with them to identify and promote good practice in regulation, carry out research, develop policy and give advice.

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  • The NHS Litigation Authority

    The NHS Litigation Authority

    The NHS Litigation Authority handles negligence claims and works to improve risk management practices in the NHS. It is also responsible for resolving disputes between practitioners and primary care trusts, giving advice to the NHS on human rights case law and handling equal pay claims on behalf of the NHS

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    Working arrangements between the NHSLA and the CCP [313 KB]

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